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help her keep some eyesight in her one good eye


A rescuer writes: "I spotted little 2 year-old Panda 3 months ago downtown. It took me a little while to notice that she has sight issues. One eye is completely destroyed and she cannot open the other one properly. I took her to the vet, got the tests and vaccinations. The doctor said she has eyelid agenesis. She was basically born with no eyelid. She needs surgery to close the missing eye and reconstruct the other one." Panda had been spayed previously.

WARNING: Photos below may be upsetting.

P.S. Generous donors paid for her surgery! Any future donations in her name will be applied to the next rescue with eye issues, which unfortunately are very common.

Zabeel Veterinary Clinic

Helping is easy. Send us a WhatsApp. We'll give you instructions on contributing to the vet clinic account* for the cat. 


Even a small amount will help.

(*Sorry, we cannot accept cash gifts directly.)  

some photos below  of 

may be upsetting to some people
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