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Help! I saw a stray that needs care.

Help! I saw a stray that needs care.

Good for your for wanting to rescue a stray! 

Unfortunately, our volunteers don't have the resources to help with the hundreds of requests we get for help. We are unfunded and foster-based.

There are, however, other resources. A quick Google search for “stray cat help near me” will offer resources.

​If the law in your area allows, we do encourage people who want to do so to adopt dumped or injured pets from the streets—once they know how to do so knowledgeably. 

Here's what you need to know first:

1. Before rescuing any kitten, learn how to wait out of sight for 2-3 hours in case the mother is away hunting, or is afraid to be seen by you.  For adult cats, keep in mind that some prefer not to be rescued!

2. Hold off on bringing it indoors. First, ask a veterinarian to check it for diseases that might harm you, your pets or your family. Get it vaccinated and neutered. Ask the veterinarian to check for a microchip to make sure it is not a lost pet. 

​3. Finally, be sure you are ready for a commitment of vet bills, relocation costs, food and love for up to 18 years! Once fully domesticated, few dumped pets can survive on UAE streets (especially in 45° summers). There are not enough shelters or homes to take them all in.

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