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About us

About Nine Lives

The UAE's largest
cat adoption organization

we find homes for the abandoned pets that we rescue

we are there for our rescued pets and their adopters!

Did you know that only a few abandoned pets can survive long in the UAE, especially in the summer desert heat? They don't have the survival skills of animals born feral.
Nine Lives Adoption is a group of all-volunteer animal re-homers in Dubai. We have grown to become the biggest cat adoption service in the UAE, with many beautiful rescued cats and kittens ready for ‘forever’ homes. 

Around 20,000 people follow us on Facebook and over 3,000 on Instagram

all volunteers

100% volunteers, no shelter or funding

we run on kindness

No outside or government funding. No employees. No animal shelter. We run on the kindness of passionate volunteers and fosterers, as well as community-minded veterinarians and supportive organizations.  Many generous individuals help us save the lives of abandoned and injured pets by contributing to veterinary costs and supplies.

To reduce costs for adopters, our pets stay in volunteers' and foster carers' homes.


Due to the pandemic, our adoption process moved online. The animals like it much better than weekly transport to adoption events!

7-step pet health

thorough health checks

each cat completes
a 7-step health plan

Any animal that you adopt from us has gone through a 7-step health protocol. We work with supportive veterinary clinics in Dubai. Here's what we do:


1. Checkup including deworming, earmite/ flea removal and any urgent treatments.

2. Test for FIV, FeLV and FCoV tests; plus Giardia/Panleukopenia if indicated.

3. Sterilise—Spaying or neutering. 

4. Microchip & registration.

5. Vaccinate—Tricat & rabies.

6. Treat—Required follow-up treatments or quarantining. Grooming of matted or infested coats. Vet-approved diet. 

7. Final check—Any follow-up vet tests and exams. Pet passport.

After these steps, the healthy cat is ready to stay in a carefully-screened foster home until adoption.


We can never guarantee an animal's health, but we do our utmost by each.

government charity
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