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adoption fee


You may wait 1-3 days for a reply or WhatsApp a volunteer at  +971 56 351 1057

(Our few volunteers get hundreds of messages daily.)

thank you

Thank you for your interest in adopting!
Here are the Nine Lives adoption details. 

AED    900 ― Arabian Mau cats & kittens (regular breed)
AED   1,100 ― All other cat & kitten breeds


The adoption fee pays back some of the medical and care expenses paid by your cat's rescue volunteers. A small percentage helps toward our advertising and administration costs.

what you get in the fee

  •    A full health check-up for your pet.

  •    1st & booster vaccinations. 

  •    Rabies vaccination.
  •    Microchipping.
  •    Deworming.
  •    FIV/FeLV and FCoV (feline corona) tests on cats. 
  •    Giardia/Panleu tests (if recommended by vet).
  •    Neutering or spaying (*clinic credit for small kittens).
  •    Grooming for breeds/ longhair pets.
  •    Medical treatments or surgery needed before adoption.
  •    A pet passport.
  •    After-adoption advice and support. 

extra photos and videos
Before you request cat photos/videos in addition to those on the website, you must:
     1. Submit an Adoption Questionnaire.
     2. Be shortlisted for adoption.
Photos of pets available for adoption 


online adoptions
We currently do all adoptions by online application only:
     1. Select cats from the link here. Feel free to ask for extra photos and videos! Since we have 100+ cats in foster homes and none in shelters, online adoptions are much less stressful for the animals.
     2. Complete an adoption questionnaire.
     3. If you and a cat are a good match, a volunteer will schedule a trial adoption appointment for you.


trial week & refunds
Every adopter gets a 1-week trial before confirming the adoption. You agree to have a house check during this week. (In case you have a cat at home, the trial period can be extended.) If you feel that you and the cat are not a match, you can return the cat for a full refund during the trial week. Once the trial period has ended, Nine Lives does not return adoption fees, and uses them to help pay for rescues with high medical expenses.

requirement basics
1. Age 21 or over—Or ask your parents to adopt.
2. Commitment—You commit to the pet's entire lifetime, up to 20 years.
3. Contract—You will sign a contract and agree to a house check during the trial week. 
4. Income—You must be able to afford:
—The pet's flight back to your home country.
—Pet medical care and high quality food.
5. Housing—No shared or "bachelor" accommodation. 
6. Time—You must have enough time to interact daily with your pet. 
7. Indoor-only cats—UAE cities have high-speed traffic, strays and intense heat that are dangerous for cats.
8. Kittens—You must have large separate spaces so that you can sleep at night without confining the kittens. Families do get preference because of the young pets' high energy levels, but for safety, kittens must not be in large houses or households with many people. Under 5 months old, they must have a young companion.
9. Your pets already at home—You must have pet passports with sterilization and up-to-date vaccines. Cats must have FIV, FeLV & FCoV test results. (We are happy to help you get discounts!)
10. No pet reservations—Adoptions must be approved online first. 

Click to WhatsApp us at 056 3511057 if you have questions! (Please allow 1-3 days for a reply; there is only one volunteer available to answer hundreds of questions daily.)


1) Your Emirates ID.  
2) The pet passports of any cats already at your home, showing our required vaccines and tests. (We can help you with discounts!)


Best wishes,

The Nine Lives Adoption Team

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