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just decide how:  

sponsor vet bills, food, supplies, medicine or your skills

you can save a life today!

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Adopter Angelica Yassine &, Moon.


a difference

how would you like to help?

You can give:

  • Money to our vet clinic accounts

  • Kitten and cat food

  • Cat supplies

  • Cat medical supplies

  • Your skills and time

  • Relocation costs for a pet adopted overseas

volunteer for animals

As an all-volunteer organization, we need:

  • Flight buddies! We need travellers who can accompany pets that are flying to their new homes. Main destinations are Germany and Switzerland on any airline. We pay all animal costs, do all paperwork and assist with check-in. 

  • Tech help: Wix website management, SEO optimization, mailing list management, Jotform development., database setup

  • Pet help: Professional grooming.

  • Driving help: People with proof of perfect driving records to take foster pets to appointments.

  • Fundraising: Email campaigns, social media campaigns. 

You can fill out a volunteer application here: ​

give cat supplies

Our foster cats need:

  • litter - crystals or clumping

  • cat litter boxes and litter scoops

  • scratching pads or posts (unused)

  • puppy pads

  • food & water dishes

  • carrying crates

give pet medical supplies

Many dumped pets are in desperate need of medical care. Here are veterinary medical supplies you can provide to help them that help them until their veterinary clinic appointment.

  • Eye drops

  • Probiotics

  • F10 sanitizing solutions

  • Supplements

  • Kitten formula

  • Veterinary range special food

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supplies DONATE
medical supplies DONATE
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sponsor a TNR

Sponsor a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) of a stray cat. Our rescuers humanely trap the cats, transport to the vets and release them back in their own territories after the procedure.

For years we have been facing the growth of the stray cat population in the UAE. Unfortunately, we can’t find loving homes for all the stray cats. Nevertheless, they need our support to survive in this harsh environment. Our mission is to spay/neuter as many stray cats as possible in order to decrease overpopulation in communities. All spayed/neutered cats are released with a left ear-tip as a universal sign.

TNR not only stops reproduction, but also stops spreading of diseases, mating behaviors such as fighting, spraying, and yowling. Fewer fights would mean fewer injuries to be taken care of. Less spraying and yowling means fewer conflicts with neighbors.

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get in touch

talk to us about ways you can help the animals

NOTE: This form is only for sponsorships and regular volunteering.
To get a reply to other questions, please use 
WhatsApp below.
We are so sorry, but we are volunteer-run and foster-based, so we do not have a shelter to house the many cats in need.

I am interested in giving

Thank you for your interest in helping the pets!

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