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your purrfect pet,
age 1 & up

adopt a cat

Grown cats' personalities make it easy to find your match.

Lyutha Al Habsy with her rescue cat, Luna

lyutha al habsy_edited.jpeg
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Very sweet and loving. Calm and super friendly. Loves hugs and cuddles. Good with kids. Gets along with other cats. Social and affectionate character. Lap cat. Family/Apartment only.

All cats are vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, tested for FeLV/ FIV/ FCoV and neutered/spayed. Kittens come with neutering/spaying credit and special requirements. All cats are rescues; there are no guarantees regarding breed or hypoallergenic qualities. Extra photos and videos, where available, are reserved for shortlisted applicants.


British Shorthair


1.5 years old

Good with:




Indoors only

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