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foster a pet

Our pets stay in foster homes.

1 more fosterer = 1 more life saved.

We are so glad that you want to help rescued pets! Since we don't operate a shelter, every foster home means one new pet we can help save. 

Don't worry, you don't need experience with pets! 

We're happy to guide you.



how to foster

1. Love and care for the pet

2. You provide basic supplies: food dishes, high-quality Royal Canin or Hills food, a litter tray & scoop, and litter.

We're here to help you in case of any concerns.

how to get your foster adopted

You will bring the pet for a vet visit or adoption appointments if adopted.

If you don't have a car, ask if there may be a pet available that needs long-term fostering to recover from a heath condition, surgery, etc.

your foster kit

foster loaner kit from Nine Lives

1. Pet carrier

2. Other accessories (if available)

what's involved fostering
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