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Can I meet the cats?

Can I meet the cats?

We wish we could give everyone a chance to meet all the beautiful cats. Our  100+ rescues (unless they're at a vet) stay in different private foster homes.  We are foster-based and don't operate a shelter.

Gathering the cats for meetings can be stressful for them. With online adoptions, you help reduce stress on the cats. Just choose from photos on our Adopt pages. 

If you have submitted the Adoption Questionnaire and are shortlisted for adoption, you can ask to see extra photos and videos of pets that are in foster homes. 

The online adoption system, which began in March 2020, has been working well for most adopters. The pets are more themselves on video than at a stressful caged viewing in a strange place.  

Just in case, there is a trial period for you to make sure the pet is a fit. 

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