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Do you have kittens?

Do you have kittens?

We always have kittens!  

However, kittens can be very delicate as well as difficult, so preference goes to specific types of homes. 

Why the restrictions? 

  • First, kittens are easily hurt. There have been many painful instances of kittens losing their lives by getting lost (even inside the home--kittens go into tiny crevices humans don't see!), stepped on, or running outdoors or off balconies. This happens mostly in very large households, busy homes, or homes with many people. For that reason, kitten preference goes to couples and families in apartments or, in some cases, smaller houses.

  • Kittens don't allow people to sleep well, because they bounce around energetically all night. So preference goes to homes with ample quiet separation space (other than bathrooms).

  • Under 5 months old, Nine Lives kittens must be adopted in pairs so that they do not develop biting, clawing and other antisocial habits. 

Check out all available kittens here:  

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