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What is included in the adoption fee?

What is included in the adoption fee?

The adoption "fee" pays back the volunteer who rescued your cat. 

It covers part of these 9 groups of costs the volunteer already spent on your cat with their own money:

1. A full health check-up and any vet-recommended urgent treatments.

2. 1st, booster & rabies vaccinations 

3. Deworming.

4. For cats, FIV /FeLV and FCoV testing. 

5. Giardia/Panleu tests, if recommended by vet.

6. Neutering or spaying

7. Grooming for breeds and longhaired pets.

8. Microchipping

9. A pet passport.

If your pet needed any surgery after rescuing, this has been paid by the volunteer rescuer and generous donors. You'll be told all of the medical history that we know.

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