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What requirements must I meet to adopt?

What requirements must I meet to adopt?

1. Minimum age—21 or older.

2. Commitment—The pet's entire life, up to 15-20 years. 

3. Contract—You will sign a contract and agree to a house check during the trial week.  

4. Finances—You must be able to afford:

  —to fly your pet back to your home country (up to AED 15,000) 

  —medical checkups, quality food and veterinary costs. 

5. Housing—No shared or “bachelor” housing.

6. Time—You must have enough time to interact daily with your pet.

7. Indoor-only cats while in UAE.

8. Kittens—Must be adopted in pairs if under 5 months old—For development. Must have ample separate space so humans can sleep through the night. Must not be in very large or busy homes for their safety.

9. Your pets already at home—Bring cat's passport showing FIV, FeLV & FCoV test results. (We are happy to help you get discounts to test them!)

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