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Why is it so important to spay and neuter pets?

Why is it so important to spay and neuter pets?

Spaying and neutering helps your pet live a longer life! It cuts cancer rates, reduces bad smells in the litterbox (and around the house!), and brings out the calmer, more affectionate side of your pet's personality. Neutered males cause fewer allergic reactions in humans than non-neutered ones.

Female cats that are not spayed will constantly meow and try to escape the home. They are more likely to develop infections and psychological problems. Male cats that are not neutered will become more aggressive, fight and spray, leaving a bad smell to mark their territory. 

According to The National, there are over 140,000 abandoned pets and feral cats in the UAE. It just takes one escape from home for a cat to reproduce. Even a 4 month-old kitten can become pregnant! We want to find homes for the abandoned pets, not create a longer queue for suffering animals in need of homes.

Spaying and neutering involves a minor surgery that makes it so that your pet cannot reproduce. 

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