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Why must the cats be indoors-only in the UAE?

Why must the cats be indoors-only in the UAE?

Cities in the UAE are not like those in many expats' home countries where it is safe for housecats to roam outdoors. 

UAE cities have countless high-speed superhighways, cars with very quick acceleration, and roads with heavy traffic. Sadly, our rescuers find countless cats with grave injuries in the middle of roads. 

UAE summers, with temperatures in the 40s, are very dangerous to cats. Cats are susceptible to sunburn and dehydration. In UAE winters, cats like to rest inside warm parked car engines. When the engine starts, those that survive the motor's heat often fall out in the middle of highways.

Exposure to strays can be dangerous for domesticated indoor cats. Cats that go outside are more likely to catch viruses from strays, which can be fatal. Also, cats' personalities often change when they start mixing with strays. This leads to behavioural problems.

Finally, outdoor cats are prone to get ringworm fungus, which can be passed on to humans. They also often develop stomach parasites from eating scraps outside, or get poisoned by chemicals and traps set by pest control for rodents. 

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