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Michelle Alvez

Michelle Alvez


I initially looked into to fostering a cat, and the team was fantastic. Everyone was helpful, all the information they gave me was great, and I loved the process they followed to ensure that each cat found their right home.

What I didn't expect was to be a foster fail! I fell in love with Jordan and all his little quirks on day 1! It didn't take much time to get attached and I immediately dropped them a message saying I'm considering adoption!

After that everything was smooth sailing. Jordan is probably one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. He's a funny cat, whose naughtiness and playfulness translates to a lot of laughs for us at home. We are constantly entertained and amused. He's very affectionate and so well behaved!

The whole process of adopting and fostering was seamless, and everyone involved was extremely lovely, and always responsive. All my questions were answered and the advice given to me was fantastic. The vaccinations and all formalities were taken care of, and that was extremely helpful too! I definitely now know who to speak to if I decide to adopt again!

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