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Natalie Bormann

Natalie Bormann


This is honestly such a wonderful organisation with wonderful people. I adopted my first cat and everyone was so incredibly helpful starting from the adoption manager Rasika, who I bugged with so many questions to the wonderful vet Kate at Zooland clinic and her lovely assistant Larisa.

I was asked so many questions in the beginning on where I would keep the cat, what kind of food I would provide and what I will do when I relocate. They made sure that I knew what was coming my way and that the cat I was going to adopt was not going to be left a second time. I appreciated that.

Even after the adoption they remain so helpful and provide guidance. I can wholeheartedly recommend Forever Pets and Zooland Veterinary Clinic. These are people who truly care about animals. This was/is a wonderful experience.

Last but not at least, it has to be said: please don‘t shop and adopt instead. And while you are here already, check the cats and kittens they have available 🙂

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